Iarno - treasure and XP stuff

Session 4

We can sort the gems and money later,  maybe at the end of the manor.

Eye monster treasure:  
-  160sp, 120gp, 5 Malachite gems(15gp)
-  2 x potions of healing (one to the Halthorn and the other to Isembard)
-  Silver +1 Great sword “Talon”. Belonged to Aldith Tresendar aka Black Hawk. (Paladin)
-  Also a Scroll of Augury (Cleric Scroll)

Iarnos Treasure: 
-  A Staff of Defence (With Hubris)
-  180sp & 130gp
-  Silk pouch with Carnelians x5 (10g each), Peridots x2 (15g each)
-  One god damn pearl! (Swan will be taking that for group Identify spells and get his money back for the first he paid out of his own money)
-  Scroll Charm Person ( can be used by Warlock, Bard or Druid)
-  Scroll Fireball (Swan can use it in 3 levels)

As a group we earned 
XP 450 for Eye creature room
XP 200 Iarno Dead!
= 93xp each. 

340s = 48.57s
250gp = 35.71gp
Malachite gems x 5(15gp) Total (75g)
Carnelians x5 (10g each)Total (50g)
Peridots x2 (15g each) Total (30g)


Staff of Defense: 
Holding this staff grants a 1 bonus to armor class.
The staff contains 10 charges used to fuel the spells within it. While holding the staff, it can be used to cast one of the following spells if the spell is on your class’s spell list:
- Mage Armor (1 charge)
- Shield (2 charges)

The staff regains 1d64 expended charges each day at dawn. If the last staffs charge is expended, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff shatters and is destroyed.



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