Glass Staffs Swan song!

Session 4

We started by contacting the remaining townspeople. After speaking to the Orchard man (Daran Edermat) and he told us about trouble at the Old Owl Well. People have been scared off by reports of undead in the area. This “well” is a couple of days march NE of town. He was also keen to deal with the Redbrands. (We should let him know when we’ve taken out the ruffians).

We then all met up and went to the Miners exchange and spoke to tough but firm Miss Halia Thornton. She was keen to deal with the Redbrands too and made us an offer of 100g for dealing with Glass staff.

At dusk we entered the back entrance of Tresendar keep. As soon as we entered the underground complex. Something telepathic reached out to the Halthorn and then Hubris. 

At first we found one freaky eye creature guarding the ravine with two bridges so one by one we entered the area. As soon as Gruce stepped on the first bridge he fell to his instant demise as it collapse beneath him.

A second creature was also lurking below so Ioarth jumped down to save Gruce. On the next turn the creature got his revenge and fell Ioarth with his razer sharp claws. Thanks to my magical healing word I was able to inspired the holy man to return to the battle and smite the creature for good.

After a few more grueling rounds our ranger Narla fired the deadly final shot to nail the first creature in the heart with her crossbow.

After assessing our location we noticed in the Crevasse an elven door with magical runes that the warlock seemed to have a keen interest in. No one else could make head nor tails of it. Something, something “… to the stars”

To our fortune the foul beasts were guarding a small wooden chest containing coins and Magic sword.

There was also a corpse in the Ravine that was surmised to belonged to the local woodcarver.

If left to Halthorn, he would have us believe the next room contained nothing more that some barrels and worthless supplies. As usual the great Swan had to step in display his keen observation (perception) skills and discovered not one, but two secret doors. With even keener senses (nat 20) he perceived the sounds of a quill writing in a nearby room somewhere just beyond.

We entered the room beyond to find Mr Glass Staff writing at his table. With astounding speed and before the man could react. Gruce first took his glass staff away, Halthorn then skillfully stabbed the man from behind, Hubris blasted him with his arcane power and as always the hero of our tale Swan, was left to deal the final painful blow with his fiery burning hands!

Among the treasure in the room we  found a letter from the Black Spider naming Sildar’s Lord Alliance contact Iarno Albreck as Glass staff. Someone will have to break the bad news to Sildar now. 

The letter also talked about new strangers to the town who maybe working for the Dwarves (probably us). Also the spider seemed to be looking for dwarven maps and didn't want us to get in his way (a bit late now I guess).  

Now the leader has been taken care of we decided to bar the room and take a short rest before we take out the rest of trash from this manor. Hopefully even find the missing townspeople. 


P.S.  Already I’m planning on writing a ballad of this adventure. A story about how we crushed the ruffians in this town and their leader with ease.

P.S.S : I’m not sure if we searched Iarno’s body. Just the room. Swan would like to take his spell components, we should also find his spellbook and any spell focuses he may have.



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