Find the Prisoners and Escape

Session 5.

We went looking for the prisoners.

Swan picked up the Ballad of Aldith Myarkala somewhere.

We found an Armory and everyone took the red cloaks. The Monk took a more fancy one.

We ran into a slow time trap in a corridor. At the end was a magical door with 2 handles. One for the Feywild which Swan turned and another for the Shadowfel which Halthorn used.

In the next room the Rogue and Bard found a strange crypt room and fought some skeletons and a couple of shadows. After Swan used his last spell to kill the skeletons for the both of them a magical barrier separated the room in half leaving them with a shadow each to deal with.

Halthorn was able to dispatch his enemy with his Silvered rapier. Swan out of spells and with no magical or silvered weapons could only taunt his enemy with his Vicious mockery till help arrived. It was at this point that Halthorns true nature was revealed as he was unwilling to even attempt to pass Swan the rapier. Luckily he kept the creature at bay long enough for the Cleric to get out of the slow trap and kill the creature. As each creature died they were rewarded with a magical item and a platinum signet rings from the tombs.

The question now remains.. will they ever be friends again?

The rest of the Party joined them and proceed to the prison where we killed some ruffians guarding some cells with imprisoned villagers. The fight was long and hard and full of Bogans, but we prevailed.

Also a lady mage attacked us from behind during the prison fight and fled. We need to find her back in town. Maybe at the Sleeping giant inn.

We gave the prisoners the 30 Beaver pelts. Swan also gave them all his copper.

The woman Merna told us about a heirloom necklace hidden underneath some shelves in her families old alchemy shop back in Thundertree.

As we headed for the exited we found 3 bugbears and a blue goblin called Drupes guarding the exit.

Hubris befriended the goblin who caused a distraction for us so we could attack with surprise.

The fight was on a knife edge as people were falling left and right. Luckily Swan was there to disorientate the enemies with more Vicious mockery.

It could be said that the only reason we survived that last battle was Hubris's goblin distraction and Swans taunts which turned the tide of battle.

Now we are out and returning to the village so we can rest before heading back in to complete a clean sweep of the manor.

Also I think the local Inn needs to hear this tale in song.  Act II 


*900 XP to be divided between 6 not including the ranger I believe. So 150xp each

600xp for the 3 Bugbears. 200xp for the prison fight. 100xp for the prisoners back to town. ? XP for the Skeleton/ Shadow fight



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