Tresendar cleaned out and NE we go!

Session 6.

Into town we went to informed Sildar (Lords Alliance) and Halia (Miners exchange) about our victory over Glassstaff.

We rested and went back in and finished off anyone left in the Manor. Mostly just bugbears. 

We did find out that Iarno was trying to make Invisibility potions and had a full alchemy setup until we destroyed it. 

There also various books and a Tome in Dwarvish from someone called Urmon about the history of the lost Mines and the magic forge of spells. It also talks about a mace called Lightbringer I'm guessing made in the forge. 

We provisioned up in the town and headed NE. 

The last thing we did was visit the Banshee Agatha. Between Ioarth, Hubris and Swan we managed to convince her to tell us what we wanted to know. 

She told us that the last time she saw Bowgente spellbook was with a necromancer called Tsernoth near Iriaenor. Something about a north Tower.



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