To Phandalin or bust!

Session 2

 Part 2. Kill the Bugbear and get paid!

We climbed down the pit and save the human called Sildar Hallwinter. 

After the Paladin finished laying his hands all over the human. Turns out he is in league with the Lords Alliance (Goody two shoes faction) and that he was a Griffin rider from Waterdeep. He mentioned something about finding a person called Yarno Albrek? in Phandalin. 

Back to the empty map case. Gundren had a map to a legendary place called the Wave Echo cave. A place with a magical "forge of spells" that can enchant items. The mine was part of some Phandelver Pact. No idea what that means but it seemed important at the time… 

We learnt about that Gundrens had brothers called Tharden and Nundro. Also that the brothers may be camped west of the town in a dell cleared of trees. *May need further directions to this place.

Back at the Mine we finished clearing out the cave by killing the Bugbear Klarg and his goblin minions.

After the battle Klarg's large wolf was almost charmed by our Tiefling Ranger. Group inspiration and buffs still couldn't help her. Missed it by 1 point! 

Various crates from the Lionshield Coster were recovered from the cave and eventually returned to an outpost in Phandalin. 

*Somewhere out there is a villain called the "BlackSpider""

*Something about finding Cragmaw castle. Maybe his hideout.

My notes also mention something about Lord Thundershield. Meh, probably not important. 

As we entered Phandalin the Half-Orc went off to play with weird children with bug antennae (maybe thri-kreenand got some goodies.  

Finally arrived at Barthen's Provisions to delivered the goods for the job we were employed for and got paid!  

Sildar instructed us to go stay at the quaint StoneHill Inn.

Theres a large Manor on the top of the hill which use to belonged to the Tresendar family. Not sure what is there. Need to talk to the locals. 

Note : For the start of the next game we can get 50% discount for supplies if the Half-Orc does the buying.



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