In the Beginning...
Session 1.


Our story begins when a motley bunch of strange companions were brought together to a place called the Blacklock guild. Some came for coin, others for adventure and a few for their own reasons.

Our numbers comprised of a Lady Half-Orc Barbarian , a Tiefling Ranger & Warlock , a Dwarf Cleric, a Half-Elf Paladin & Rogue, Lastly and most importantly me the Human bard called Swan.

We met and were offered a job by a pompous dwarf who liked to toot his own horn with displays of magical presdigation. I skilfully negotiated a higher fee to escort a merchant wagon to Phandalin  and to a place called Barthen's provisions, so off we set.

We were joined by an odd fellow (or lady) called Scissors with his creepy fungus eye face kept insisting he was blind. He would escort us on our first adventure and had a strange attachment to the fearsome Half-Orc lady.

A Dwarf called Gundren Rockseeker and his companion Sildar Hallwinter were the coin bearers of this caravan and had set off ahead of us and we were to traverse the lands separately from the main carts.

We travelled down the Triboar trail from Neverwinter to Phandalin in 4 Carts. 

Along the path we found two dead horses on the road, It was deduced that they may belong to our employers, but before we could do more, Gobilins attacked!

An ambush was set, Goblins were hidden in the bushes lying in wait for travellers like ourselves. unfortunately for the goblins we made short work of their kind. Grizella with the assistance of Scissors did some impressive attacks which laid all foes to waste.

Along with the dead horses we found an empty map case.

We did find tracks into the woods and sought to find our employers.

The rogue and I tested our skills in both stealth and perception. The rogue tried hard, but was out classed. This was evident as he failed to see the net trap on the path. Luckily the bard was there to save him and we continued on our way.

This time as scouts we travelled together and another trap was sprung. This time we both easily avoided any injury.

A cave was found and the I went ahead. I found four goblins on guard and not paying much attention to the world around them.

Back to the group a plan was set. I ambushed three with Burning hands and fire bolted the last. Nothing was left in the goblins and my 1st level spells were used for the day.

Inside we found kennels where we then killed some wolves
We found a pit and went down inside it. We found 30 gold (yet to be split), Ring +1 of Abyssal Fury, a silvered basket hilted rapier (with the rogue).

Next we fought goblins above on a bridge and shortly thereafter we were caught in a flood like event down the passage.

We all jumped to the side except out cleric who was the only one to be washed out of the cave.

We came across a fat goblin and 6 others goblin guards on one room.  (12 silver, 30 copper.)

The last goblin to fall was the Fat leader as I cast Vicious mockery on him and made his head explode. Unfortunately he was holding a human at the time too close to another pit and dropped him as his fat head left his shoulders.


We left the adventure there.

Out first call of action will be to attend to the human which may or may not be Gundran’s companion.  Our second will be to find a Bugbear that the Fat goblin mentioned further in the cave. Maybe he has the dwarf and whatever was in the scroll case.

To Phandalin or bust!
Session 2

 Part 2. Kill the Bugbear and get paid!

We climbed down the pit and save the human called Sildar Hallwinter. 

After the Paladin finished laying his hands all over the human. Turns out he is in league with the Lords Alliance (Goody two shoes faction) and that he was a Griffin rider from Waterdeep. He mentioned something about finding a person called Yarno Albrek? in Phandalin. 

Back to the empty map case. Gundren had a map to a legendary place called the Wave Echo cave. A place with a magical "forge of spells" that can enchant items. The mine was part of some Phandelver Pact. No idea what that means but it seemed important at the time… 

We learnt about that Gundrens had brothers called Tharden and Nundro. Also that the brothers may be camped west of the town in a dell cleared of trees. *May need further directions to this place.

Back at the Mine we finished clearing out the cave by killing the Bugbear Klarg and his goblin minions.

After the battle Klarg's large wolf was almost charmed by our Tiefling Ranger. Group inspiration and buffs still couldn't help her. Missed it by 1 point! 

Various crates from the Lionshield Coster were recovered from the cave and eventually returned to an outpost in Phandalin. 

*Somewhere out there is a villain called the "BlackSpider""

*Something about finding Cragmaw castle. Maybe his hideout.

My notes also mention something about Lord Thundershield. Meh, probably not important. 

As we entered Phandalin the Half-Orc went off to play with weird children with bug antennae (maybe thri-kreenand got some goodies.  

Finally arrived at Barthen's Provisions to delivered the goods for the job we were employed for and got paid!  

Sildar instructed us to go stay at the quaint StoneHill Inn.

Theres a large Manor on the top of the hill which use to belonged to the Tresendar family. Not sure what is there. Need to talk to the locals. 

Note : For the start of the next game we can get 50% discount for supplies if the Half-Orc does the buying.

We're coming for you Redbrands!
Session 3.

We began the day dealing with some ruffians called the Redbrands hanging out at the Sleeping Giant taphouse. 

Swan started with the brave heroic casting of sleep upon the gang leader. We had an epic battle with the remaining ruffians (and our clerics cursed mace) and we gathered the following information from one of the cowards.

  • The Redbrands boss man has a Glassstaff.
  • Their stronghold is in Tresendar manor. 
  • They are holding villagers captive.
  • There’s a freaky eye monster in the basement. 
  • We also need to watch out for some bugbears in the stronghold too.

Side note: After the fight we picked up a monk acting like a lost puppy called Grace Twain. He seems to want to help… Looks like we’re stuck with him now.

  • We left the prisoners from the Redbrand fight in the townmasters cells.
  • We met the poor excuse for a townmaster Harbin Wester.
  • Sildar Hallwinter was at the townmasters house too and gave us some tasks. 
  • Found a notice on the board outside regarding killing Orcs near Wyvern Tor. How much??? 
  • Lords Alliance will pay to deal with the Redbrands. 250g to eliminate the threat. 
  • Lords Alliance also wants us to find and defeat the residents of Cragmaw castle.  500g reward.

We retired to the Stonehill Inn where I informed the patrons of my groups deeds against the Redbrands in song. 

  • The innkeeper wife told us the a local wood carver was killed and now his family are missing.
  • Also the Miners Exchange has not been troubled by the Redbrands… curious.
  • We heard that a Halfling family Qelline Alderleaf's son Carp has found a secret tunnel into the manor.
  • There's a retired adventurer with an apple orchard who might have info for us. 

Hubris went off with the rogue in tow to follow the tunnel lead while the righteous half of the party visited the Shrine of (Temora) Luck and met Sister Gareale a rather nice Lady Cleric. Where the Tiefling Ranger was is unknown, mmm.

From the sister we learnt there's a Druid called Radorth. He should have information we need regarding the local area. For example where to find Cragmaw. He's in a town called Thundertree 50 miles NW. Apparently pretty easy to find on the Tribor trail.

She also told us of a Banshee called Agatha. We have to bring her a silver jeweled comb which the lady gave us. Something about getting or finding a spellbook from a mage called Bo-gentle.. 
She needs a question answered… 
She promised 3 healing potions and to fix our clerics cursed warhammer. 
The Banshee is in a place called Conyberry 30 miles NW.

So in summary : 

  • We need to find Cragmaw castle. 
  • Deal with the Redbrands via the secret tunnel.
  • Go to Thundertree and talk to a Druid.
  • Go to Conyberry deal with a Banshee.
  • Kill Orcs at the Tor. (lucky Grizelda is not with us anymore)
  • Find Wave echo cave and the Dwarf brothers. 
  • Also we never did make it into the Sleeping Giant Inn. 
Glass Staffs Swan song!
Session 4

We started by contacting the remaining townspeople. After speaking to the Orchard man (Daran Edermat) and he told us about trouble at the Old Owl Well. People have been scared off by reports of undead in the area. This “well” is a couple of days march NE of town. He was also keen to deal with the Redbrands. (We should let him know when we’ve taken out the ruffians).

We then all met up and went to the Miners exchange and spoke to tough but firm Miss Halia Thornton. She was keen to deal with the Redbrands too and made us an offer of 100g for dealing with Glass staff.

At dusk we entered the back entrance of Tresendar keep. As soon as we entered the underground complex. Something telepathic reached out to the Halthorn and then Hubris. 

At first we found one freaky eye creature guarding the ravine with two bridges so one by one we entered the area. As soon as Gruce stepped on the first bridge he fell to his instant demise as it collapse beneath him.

A second creature was also lurking below so Ioarth jumped down to save Gruce. On the next turn the creature got his revenge and fell Ioarth with his razer sharp claws. Thanks to my magical healing word I was able to inspired the holy man to return to the battle and smite the creature for good.

After a few more grueling rounds our ranger Narla fired the deadly final shot to nail the first creature in the heart with her crossbow.

After assessing our location we noticed in the Crevasse an elven door with magical runes that the warlock seemed to have a keen interest in. No one else could make head nor tails of it. Something, something “… to the stars”

To our fortune the foul beasts were guarding a small wooden chest containing coins and Magic sword.

There was also a corpse in the Ravine that was surmised to belonged to the local woodcarver.

If left to Halthorn, he would have us believe the next room contained nothing more that some barrels and worthless supplies. As usual the great Swan had to step in display his keen observation (perception) skills and discovered not one, but two secret doors. With even keener senses (nat 20) he perceived the sounds of a quill writing in a nearby room somewhere just beyond.

We entered the room beyond to find Mr Glass Staff writing at his table. With astounding speed and before the man could react. Gruce first took his glass staff away, Halthorn then skillfully stabbed the man from behind, Hubris blasted him with his arcane power and as always the hero of our tale Swan, was left to deal the final painful blow with his fiery burning hands!

Among the treasure in the room we  found a letter from the Black Spider naming Sildar’s Lord Alliance contact Iarno Albreck as Glass staff. Someone will have to break the bad news to Sildar now. 

The letter also talked about new strangers to the town who maybe working for the Dwarves (probably us). Also the spider seemed to be looking for dwarven maps and didn't want us to get in his way (a bit late now I guess).  

Now the leader has been taken care of we decided to bar the room and take a short rest before we take out the rest of trash from this manor. Hopefully even find the missing townspeople. 


P.S.  Already I’m planning on writing a ballad of this adventure. A story about how we crushed the ruffians in this town and their leader with ease.

P.S.S : I’m not sure if we searched Iarno’s body. Just the room. Swan would like to take his spell components, we should also find his spellbook and any spell focuses he may have.

Iarno - treasure and XP stuff
Session 4

We can sort the gems and money later,  maybe at the end of the manor.

Eye monster treasure:  
-  160sp, 120gp, 5 Malachite gems(15gp)
-  2 x potions of healing (one to the Halthorn and the other to Isembard)
-  Silver +1 Great sword “Talon”. Belonged to Aldith Tresendar aka Black Hawk. (Paladin)
-  Also a Scroll of Augury (Cleric Scroll)

Iarnos Treasure: 
-  A Staff of Defence (With Hubris)
-  180sp & 130gp
-  Silk pouch with Carnelians x5 (10g each), Peridots x2 (15g each)
-  One god damn pearl! (Swan will be taking that for group Identify spells and get his money back for the first he paid out of his own money)
-  Scroll Charm Person ( can be used by Warlock, Bard or Druid)
-  Scroll Fireball (Swan can use it in 3 levels)

As a group we earned 
XP 450 for Eye creature room
XP 200 Iarno Dead!
= 93xp each. 

340s = 48.57s
250gp = 35.71gp
Malachite gems x 5(15gp) Total (75g)
Carnelians x5 (10g each)Total (50g)
Peridots x2 (15g each) Total (30g)


Staff of Defense: 
Holding this staff grants a 1 bonus to armor class.
The staff contains 10 charges used to fuel the spells within it. While holding the staff, it can be used to cast one of the following spells if the spell is on your class’s spell list:
- Mage Armor (1 charge)
- Shield (2 charges)

The staff regains 1d64 expended charges each day at dawn. If the last staffs charge is expended, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff shatters and is destroyed.

Find the Prisoners and Escape
Session 5.

We went looking for the prisoners.

Swan picked up the Ballad of Aldith Myarkala somewhere.

We found an Armory and everyone took the red cloaks. The Monk took a more fancy one.

We ran into a slow time trap in a corridor. At the end was a magical door with 2 handles. One for the Feywild which Swan turned and another for the Shadowfel which Halthorn used.

In the next room the Rogue and Bard found a strange crypt room and fought some skeletons and a couple of shadows. After Swan used his last spell to kill the skeletons for the both of them a magical barrier separated the room in half leaving them with a shadow each to deal with.

Halthorn was able to dispatch his enemy with his Silvered rapier. Swan out of spells and with no magical or silvered weapons could only taunt his enemy with his Vicious mockery till help arrived. It was at this point that Halthorns true nature was revealed as he was unwilling to even attempt to pass Swan the rapier. Luckily he kept the creature at bay long enough for the Cleric to get out of the slow trap and kill the creature. As each creature died they were rewarded with a magical item and a platinum signet rings from the tombs.

The question now remains.. will they ever be friends again?

The rest of the Party joined them and proceed to the prison where we killed some ruffians guarding some cells with imprisoned villagers. The fight was long and hard and full of Bogans, but we prevailed.

Also a lady mage attacked us from behind during the prison fight and fled. We need to find her back in town. Maybe at the Sleeping giant inn.

We gave the prisoners the 30 Beaver pelts. Swan also gave them all his copper.

The woman Merna told us about a heirloom necklace hidden underneath some shelves in her families old alchemy shop back in Thundertree.

As we headed for the exited we found 3 bugbears and a blue goblin called Drupes guarding the exit.

Hubris befriended the goblin who caused a distraction for us so we could attack with surprise.

The fight was on a knife edge as people were falling left and right. Luckily Swan was there to disorientate the enemies with more Vicious mockery.

It could be said that the only reason we survived that last battle was Hubris's goblin distraction and Swans taunts which turned the tide of battle.

Now we are out and returning to the village so we can rest before heading back in to complete a clean sweep of the manor.

Also I think the local Inn needs to hear this tale in song.  Act II 


*900 XP to be divided between 6 not including the ranger I believe. So 150xp each

600xp for the 3 Bugbears. 200xp for the prison fight. 100xp for the prisoners back to town. ? XP for the Skeleton/ Shadow fight

Tresendar cleaned out and NE we go!
Session 6.

Into town we went to informed Sildar (Lords Alliance) and Halia (Miners exchange) about our victory over Glassstaff.

We rested and went back in and finished off anyone left in the Manor. Mostly just bugbears. 

We did find out that Iarno was trying to make Invisibility potions and had a full alchemy setup until we destroyed it. 

There also various books and a Tome in Dwarvish from someone called Urmon about the history of the lost Mines and the magic forge of spells. It also talks about a mace called Lightbringer I'm guessing made in the forge. 

We provisioned up in the town and headed NE. 

The last thing we did was visit the Banshee Agatha. Between Ioarth, Hubris and Swan we managed to convince her to tell us what we wanted to know. 

She told us that the last time she saw Bowgente spellbook was with a necromancer called Tsernoth near Iriaenor. Something about a north Tower.


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