We're coming for you Redbrands!

Session 3.

We began the day dealing with some ruffians called the Redbrands hanging out at the Sleeping Giant taphouse. 

Swan started with the brave heroic casting of sleep upon the gang leader. We had an epic battle with the remaining ruffians (and our clerics cursed mace) and we gathered the following information from one of the cowards.

  • The Redbrands boss man has a Glassstaff.
  • Their stronghold is in Tresendar manor. 
  • They are holding villagers captive.
  • There’s a freaky eye monster in the basement. 
  • We also need to watch out for some bugbears in the stronghold too.

Side note: After the fight we picked up a monk acting like a lost puppy called Grace Twain. He seems to want to help… Looks like we’re stuck with him now.

  • We left the prisoners from the Redbrand fight in the townmasters cells.
  • We met the poor excuse for a townmaster Harbin Wester.
  • Sildar Hallwinter was at the townmasters house too and gave us some tasks. 
  • Found a notice on the board outside regarding killing Orcs near Wyvern Tor. How much??? 
  • Lords Alliance will pay to deal with the Redbrands. 250g to eliminate the threat. 
  • Lords Alliance also wants us to find and defeat the residents of Cragmaw castle.  500g reward.

We retired to the Stonehill Inn where I informed the patrons of my groups deeds against the Redbrands in song. 

  • The innkeeper wife told us the a local wood carver was killed and now his family are missing.
  • Also the Miners Exchange has not been troubled by the Redbrands… curious.
  • We heard that a Halfling family Qelline Alderleaf's son Carp has found a secret tunnel into the manor.
  • There's a retired adventurer with an apple orchard who might have info for us. 

Hubris went off with the rogue in tow to follow the tunnel lead while the righteous half of the party visited the Shrine of (Temora) Luck and met Sister Gareale a rather nice Lady Cleric. Where the Tiefling Ranger was is unknown, mmm.

From the sister we learnt there's a Druid called Radorth. He should have information we need regarding the local area. For example where to find Cragmaw. He's in a town called Thundertree 50 miles NW. Apparently pretty easy to find on the Tribor trail.

She also told us of a Banshee called Agatha. We have to bring her a silver jeweled comb which the lady gave us. Something about getting or finding a spellbook from a mage called Bo-gentle.. 
She needs a question answered… 
She promised 3 healing potions and to fix our clerics cursed warhammer. 
The Banshee is in a place called Conyberry 30 miles NW.

So in summary : 

  • We need to find Cragmaw castle. 
  • Deal with the Redbrands via the secret tunnel.
  • Go to Thundertree and talk to a Druid.
  • Go to Conyberry deal with a Banshee.
  • Kill Orcs at the Tor. (lucky Grizelda is not with us anymore)
  • Find Wave echo cave and the Dwarf brothers. 
  • Also we never did make it into the Sleeping Giant Inn. 



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