In the Beginning...

Session 1.


Our story begins when a motley bunch of strange companions were brought together to a place called the Blacklock guild. Some came for coin, others for adventure and a few for their own reasons.

Our numbers comprised of a Lady Half-Orc Barbarian , a Tiefling Ranger & Warlock , a Dwarf Cleric, a Half-Elf Paladin & Rogue, Lastly and most importantly me the Human bard called Swan.

We met and were offered a job by a pompous dwarf who liked to toot his own horn with displays of magical presdigation. I skilfully negotiated a higher fee to escort a merchant wagon to Phandalin  and to a place called Barthen's provisions, so off we set.

We were joined by an odd fellow (or lady) called Scissors with his creepy fungus eye face kept insisting he was blind. He would escort us on our first adventure and had a strange attachment to the fearsome Half-Orc lady.

A Dwarf called Gundren Rockseeker and his companion Sildar Hallwinter were the coin bearers of this caravan and had set off ahead of us and we were to traverse the lands separately from the main carts.

We travelled down the Triboar trail from Neverwinter to Phandalin in 4 Carts. 

Along the path we found two dead horses on the road, It was deduced that they may belong to our employers, but before we could do more, Gobilins attacked!

An ambush was set, Goblins were hidden in the bushes lying in wait for travellers like ourselves. unfortunately for the goblins we made short work of their kind. Grizella with the assistance of Scissors did some impressive attacks which laid all foes to waste.

Along with the dead horses we found an empty map case.

We did find tracks into the woods and sought to find our employers.

The rogue and I tested our skills in both stealth and perception. The rogue tried hard, but was out classed. This was evident as he failed to see the net trap on the path. Luckily the bard was there to save him and we continued on our way.

This time as scouts we travelled together and another trap was sprung. This time we both easily avoided any injury.

A cave was found and the I went ahead. I found four goblins on guard and not paying much attention to the world around them.

Back to the group a plan was set. I ambushed three with Burning hands and fire bolted the last. Nothing was left in the goblins and my 1st level spells were used for the day.

Inside we found kennels where we then killed some wolves
We found a pit and went down inside it. We found 30 gold (yet to be split), Ring +1 of Abyssal Fury, a silvered basket hilted rapier (with the rogue).

Next we fought goblins above on a bridge and shortly thereafter we were caught in a flood like event down the passage.

We all jumped to the side except out cleric who was the only one to be washed out of the cave.

We came across a fat goblin and 6 others goblin guards on one room.  (12 silver, 30 copper.)

The last goblin to fall was the Fat leader as I cast Vicious mockery on him and made his head explode. Unfortunately he was holding a human at the time too close to another pit and dropped him as his fat head left his shoulders.


We left the adventure there.

Out first call of action will be to attend to the human which may or may not be Gundran’s companion.  Our second will be to find a Bugbear that the Fat goblin mentioned further in the cave. Maybe he has the dwarf and whatever was in the scroll case.



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